Unified patent court set for early sign-off

first_imgThe UK could ratify the European Unified Patent Court agreement as early as the end of March and the process is likely to face minimal opposition in committee, solicitors have predicted.The government previously signed the protocol on privileges and immunities last year, which is a document necessary for the UPC and its judges to carry out activities.The protocol was published on 20 January and sits for 21 days to allow for any opposition. The 21-day deadline has now passed, meaning a statutory instrument on implementing the procedure, which is due to be published shortly, will need to be debated in both houses of parliament.Ordinarily the process would take several weeks but solicitors told the Gazette the plans are unlikely to face opposition and the committee will likely be ‘made up of those in favour of the proposals’.However, one lawyer told the Gazette the process could still not be approved until after Easter, which would still keep it in line with the proposed timeframe of having an operational court by the end of the year.An early day motion put forward by the UK Independence Party’s sole MP Douglas Carswell urging the UK not to ratify the agreement has failed to garner any support.Although the government describes the UPC as an ‘international court set up by an international’ agreement, it will adhere to EU law and in some cases will be ultimately answerable to the Court of Justice of the EU. One division of the court is planned for Aldgate Tower on the edge of the City.The Intellectual Property Office quashed reports the plans will be ratified as early as this week. A spokesman said the UK will be in a position to ratify once remaining legislative steps are complete.last_img read more

Firm denies ‘fishing’ for work over client bills

first_imgLawyers who make it their business to sue law firms over deductions from clients’ damages have insisted they are acting legitimately amid growing controversy over the practice.Leeds firm JG Solicitors was accused by opponents in a ruling published last week of running a ‘fishing expedition’ on behalf of clients who had long ago settled claims but now wanted to query their legal bills.In a judgment referring to thousands of similar challenges pending, costs judge Master James refused an application to force disclosure of documents in order to challenge a bill. In Hanley v JC & A Solicitors, James said she was ‘concerned by the floodgates that would likely be opened’ if she ruled that solicitors can be ordered to hand over their complete client file.James Green, managing director of JG, representing Hanley, said he wanted to help recover money deducted unfairly from client damages. ‘Our success in this new area of law has shone a light on the unfair treatment of some members of the public by a minority of personal injury law firms,’ he said. ‘We are convinced of the need to seek justice for those overcharged.’The problem stems from civil justice reforms in 2013 which scrapped the recoverability of success fees and after-the-event insurance premiums and instead allowed firms to deduct a maximum of 25% of the damages recovered. Since then, a cottage industry of firms suing other firms has developed.Mark Carlisle, director of costs recovery firm checkmylegalfees.com, said solicitors who bill in accordance with the legislation and the accounts rules, and charge a reasonable amount, have nothing to fear. He said: ‘To suggest that unsophisticated clients who have not been billed appropriately should waive their absolute statutory right and go through internal complaints procedures or the ombudsman, rather than seeking expert assistance in negotiating a complex area of the law, is simply insupportable.’last_img read more

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 Grand Final recap

first_imgAnd then there were three.After 13 weeks full of spectacular routines, shock eliminations and plenty of twists and turns – as well as bags of entertainment, Strictly Come Dancing 2019 has finally arrived at the Grand Final, with just three celebrities and their professional partners remaining.Sadly Chris Ramsey wouldn’t be among them, after he and professional partner Karen Hauer lost the dance-off last week to Karim Zeroual and Amy Dowden.With each couple performing three dances, who would wow us one last time and be triumphant in their bid to lift the glitterball trophy?Presenters Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman were on hand to guide the stars and viewers through proceedings, whilst judges Craig Revel Horwood, Motsi Mabuse, Bruno Tonioli and head judge Shirley Ballas offered their professional opinion – but the verdict on who would win came down to the viewers’ votes.Read on for our spoiler-free recap of the Strictly Come Dancing 2019 Grand Final…Karim Zeroual and Amy Dowden – Judges’ ChoiceCredit: BBC/Guy LevyFor their Judges’ Choice, Karim and Amy were given their Week 7 Quickstep to Mr Pinstripe Suit by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. In training, Karim spoke about fighting back after being in the dance-off and how much being in the final meant to him and Amy, as well as wanting to perfect the dance and get back into Quickstep mode.The dance: This dance felt tailor-made for Karim, with plenty of sway, bags of personality and just oozing cool. He had lovely rise and fall, moved across the floor beautifully and a lovely playful sense of movement, as well as some lovely jazzy touches. I also felt he really commanded the dance and led Amy well, with good posture and distinctly less gapping than less time! Overall it was a smooth, classy, entertaining routine – the perfect way to open the show and a definite improvement from the last time he performed the dance.The comments: Shirley said Karim definitely had the eye of the tiger, with ‘beautiful’ frame and great head position, and called him a star. Bruno praised Karim’s technique, attention to detail and musicality, calling it ‘pure perfection’ and saying he made it fresh and exciting. Craig thought Karim ‘minded the gap’, whilst Motsi said Karim had time to play around and show what he can do, and it was ‘electrifying’.The scores: 10, 10, 10, 10 – 40 out of 40Emma Barton and Anton du Beke – Judges’ ChoiceCredit: BBC/Guy LevyEmma and Anton’s Judges’ Choice was their Charleston to Thoroughly Modern Millie, from the musical of the same name. In training Emma spoke about how much she enjoyed her dances in the semi-final and how thrilled she was to make the final, as well as wanting to enjoy the routine, whilst the judges wanted her to put a little more polish on the dance.The dance: Emma had a great looseness in her legs throughout as well as excellent swivel action and a lovely sense of fun and lightness. I thought she really captured the character and light-hearted feel of the dance, coped well with the tricks, and had great energy and stamina throughout as well as hitting some fantastic lines and finishing her hands nicely. It was an utter joy to watch and a routine that shows why she and Anton thoroughly deserve their place in the final.The comments: Bruno said Emma was his favourite flapper ever and played the part with such confidence – she totally sold it. Craig picked up on the sync issue but thought it was West End worthy. Motsi loved the detail and the amount of energy Emma put in, whilst Shirley said Emma’s confidence was off the chart and it was one of the most enjoyable Charlestons she’s ever watched.The scores: 9, 10, 10, 10 – 39 out of 40Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse – Judges’ ChoiceCredit: BBC/Guy LevyThe judges chose Kelvin and Oti’s Rumba to Ain’t No Sunshine for their pick. In training, Kelvin spoke about the surreal feel of performing in the semi-final and scoring a perfect 40 points, as well as not expecting to get this far in the show. Meanwhile, the judges wanted him to pay more attention to the details, with continuous movement and showing the chemistry he had with Oti.The dance: Wow! This was a smouldering, sensual Rumba, with Kelvin and Oti oozing chemistry. He had fantastic hip action throughout, was completely in control of the whole thing – particularly in the spins – had some lovely lines through his hands and legs, and overall produced one of the best Rumbas I’ve ever seen from a male celebrity on Strictly. If I had one tiny quibble it’s that I’d like to have seen more flow through his hands, but this was a fantastic routine and even more powerful than the first performance.The comments: Craig was ‘hot under the collar’, calling it believable, masculine and tremendous. Motsi praised Kelvin’s body movement, whilst Shirley liked his synchronised body movement and foot placement and said his technique was ‘superb’. Bruno thought it had reached melting point – sensual and romantic with ‘sizzling’ chemistry, with Kelvin going from sculptural to fluid.The scores: 9, 10, 10, 10 – 39 out of 40Karim Zeroual and Amy Dowden – ShowdanceCredit: BBC/Guy LevyFor their Showdance, Karim and Amy danced to Pink’s version of A Million Dreams, from the film The Greatest Showman. In training Karim spoke about the contemporary feel of the dance and its message of dreams coming true through hard work. They also received a visit from Tess and Claudia to tell about their plans for the routine.The dance: This was a beautiful, emotional routine, with lovely synchronisation between Karim and Amy and gorgeous flow across the dancefloor. Karim hit some great lines and coped well with the tricks and glittery water effects, and there was a beautiful romantic quality to the dance that it was impossible not to get swept up in. I actually found myself welling up a bit towards the end! It was a great performance from them as always and one that showed why they thoroughly deserve to be here.The comments: Motsi said it was the perfect dance for Karim, showcasing technique and feeling, and thanked him for making her heart happy. Shirley said it was so moving and loved Karim’s sense of expression and freedom. Bruno thought it looked and felt like a dream and Karim danced like an angel, giving everything he had, and telling him not to lose his passion. Craig felt Karim coped with a technically demanding routine but he and Amy were out of sync in the fountain, but loved the storytelling and emotion.The scores: 9, 10, 10, 10 – 39 out of 40Emma Barton and Anton du Beke – ShowdanceCredit: BBC/Guy LevyEmma and Anton’s Showdance was performed to the Irving Berlin classic Let Yourself Go. In training Emma talked about how privileged she felt to be performing a showdance, as well as finding the cane work and rhythms challenging. Tess and Claudia also came to visit them in the training room.The dance: The dance began with Emma descending from the ceiling before getting into hold with Anton. I loved the classic Hollywood feel of it and the sense of lightness and fun about the routine. She hit some strong lines and had great synchronisation with Anton, and handled the cane work with aplomb as well as having some good transitions in and out of the lifts. I thought it was utterly fabulous and really showed off her strengths as a dancer as well as her personality and performance skills.The comments: Shirley praised the ‘immaculate’ choreography and said she totally enjoyed it. Bruno thought Emma couldn’t go wrong with the classic Hollywood feel and glamour. Craig noted Emma’s hesitation coming down the steps but loved the style and flashy, all-out approach. Motsi thought there were a bit of nerves, but that it was classy and had glamour, glitz and glory.The scores: 8, 10, 10, 10 – 38 out of 40Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse – ShowdanceCredit: BBC/Guy LevyKelvin and Oti chose to perform their Showdance to Shout by the Isley Brothers. In training Kelvin spoke about treating the dance like a showreel and showing how far he’s come, as well as finding the transitions challenging. Meanwhile, Claudia and Tess stopped by the training room to pay them a visit.The dance: This was a high-energy routine from the off, with a ton of different dance styles crammed in and showing just how adaptable Kelvin is – you really feel he could dance anything thrown at him! I loved the nod to his previous routines, like the flying press-ups from Blackpool, and the fact he was in complete control as well as looking like he was having the absolute time of his life performing the routine. In particular his kicks and flicks were sharp in the Jive sections and he had excellent drive in the Tango. Could we have just seen the routine that wins him Strictly Come Dancing 2019?The comments: Bruno called it ‘exhilarating’ and ‘a tour de force’, praising the sheer amount of content in the routine. Craig loved every single minute, whilst Motsi was left speechless. Shirley thought Kelvin pushed the limits and said it was exciting, particularly Kelvin’s chemistry with Oti and body actions.The scores: 10, 10, 10, 10 – 40 out of 40Karim Zeroual and Amy Dowden – Favourite DanceCredit: BBC/Guy LevyKarim and Amy chose their Jive to You Can’t Stop The Beat for their final dance. In training Karim spoke about looking back on Strictly with incredibly fond memories and how much Amy has helped and supported him throughout the series. His highlights included the Contemporary routine and why he chose the Jive for its entertainment level, whilst we also heard from his mum and sister.The dance: This was such a great note for Karim to end his Strictly journey on. For me it summed up everything I love about watching him dance – the sheer sense of fun and abandon, high energy throughout, his skills with trick moves, great hip action, lovely synchronisation with Amy and brilliant technique alongside excellent performance levels. He has a fantastic natural dance ability that has absolutely shone throughout this series of Strictly Come Dancing and would be a thoroughly worthy winner.The comments: Craig said Karim reminded him of himself and called it ‘a-ma-zing’. Motsi thought Karim couldn’t have done anything better and was just the best. Shirley praised Karim’s work ethic and willingness to come back fighting and said he was totally inspiring, particularly to the young generation. Bruno called it the best Jive ever and said it was as good as the professional dancers.The scores: 10, 10, 10, 10 – 40 out of 40Emma Barton and Anton du Beke – Favourite DanceCredit: BBC/Guy LevyEmma and Anton’s favourite dance was their Viennese Waltz to Send In The Clowns. In training Emma said she’s loved every single second of her time on Strictly, picking out Blackpool as her highlight as well as feeling lucky she got to dance with Anton and hoping everyone would see the difference in her Viennese Waltz since Week Four. We also heard from her parents who’ve supported her throughout the whole series.The dance: This was an absolutely beautiful routine, full of emotion and storytelling and with beautiful flow across the floor. Emma’s posture and top line were great throughout and she had some lovely footwork, but what really carried it for me was how well she acted it as well as the gorgeous lines through her hands and body. She really has improved so much since she began her Strictly Come Dancing journey and I’d love to see her and Anton holding the glitterball aloft later tonight.The comments: Motsi said it was ‘absolutely stunning’, singling out Emma’s acting skills. Shirley thought it was beautifully poised and presented and loved the femininity Emma brought to the character as well as the softness. Bruno highlighted the storytelling and detail, and said the dancing was as good as the acting, particularly Emma’s musicality and phrasing. Craig noticed Emma missed a couple of heels on her pivot turns but agreed with the others – it was ‘class beyond class’ and ‘gorgeous’.The scores: 9, 10, 10, 10 – 39 out of 40Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse – Favourite DanceCredit: BBC/Guy LevyFor their favourite dance Kelvi and Oti chose their Week 2 Samba. In training Kelvin spoke about how much he’d loved the Strictly experience, particularly coming in at the last minute, as well as the support Oti has given him and how much he’ll miss dancing with her.The dance: I love everything about this routine. From the incredible armography at the start to Kelvin’s outstanding hip action, drive across the floor, the lines in his arms and the excellent bounce motion he has going on, it showed what an incredible dancer he is as well as highlighting how far he’s come in the last 13 weeks. The ambitious routine’s tricks and sense of playfulness were fully to the fore, and I felt Kelvin’s skills acting the dance have come on leaps and bounds to. A great end to the series and one that shows why he’s been the frontrunner to lift the Strictly Come Dancing glitterball from day one.The comments: Shirley had no words – Kelvin left her speechless! Bruno called Kelvin the ‘Samba King’ and said his hips were mesmerising, as well as praising his extraordinary achievement. Craig had a problem with the bounce action but said Kelvin ‘smashed it’, whilst Motsi thought it was the highest level of Samba she’d seen and Kelvin put his heart and soul into the dance.The scores: 9, 10, 10, 10 – 39 out of 40The leaderboard for the evening was:Karim Zeroual and Amy Dowden – 40 + 39 + 40 = 119Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse – 39 + 40 + 39 = 119Emma Barton and Anton du Beke – 39 + 38 + 39 = 116Strictly Come Dancing will return for a Christmas Special on 25th December 2019 on BBC One.last_img read more

Rwanda’s President visits Ethiopia’s Chinese-built industrial park

first_imgRwandan President Paul Kagame who is on a three day state visit to Ethiopia on Friday visited textile and apparel manufacturing companies inside the premises of Ethiopia’s flagship Chinese-built Hawassa Industrial Park.Prior to his visit to the Hawassa Industrial Park, Kagame had received briefing by officials of the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) on the East African country’s aspirations in the development of industrial zones in a bid to realize its ambitions of becoming the light manufacturing hub of the African continent.As part of his tour inside the Hawassa industrial park, the Rwandan president visited some of the international textile and apparel companies, including PVH, a company known for marketing diversified portfolio of brands including Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.He also paid a visit to the park’s Zero Liquid Discharge facility, an environment-friendly sanitation facility.According to the Ethiopian Government Communications Affairs Office, Kagame’s visit to the Hawassa industrial park and other infrastructures in Ethiopia is expected to share the positive aspects of Ethiopia’s experience on the sector to RwandaThe industrial park, which the Ethiopian government considers as a model for the construction of other industrial zones across the country, has proved successful immediately after its inauguration in July 2016. It has attracted world-class textile and apparel companies to the country.The park was built by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) and was completed in a record time of nine months.last_img read more

“K” Line Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Maritime Training in Philippines

first_imgKLMA Building in Pasay, Philippines On October 18, at the company’s training centre “K” Line Maritime Academy Philippines (KLMA(Phil)) in Pasay City, Philippines, the 25th Anniversary of the training facility as well as the completion of the renovation work of the training center were celebrated.The ceremony witnessed an attendance of many successive local staff, including guests from affiliated companies who have been supporting of the company seafarers’ development activities for many years.“K” Line Executive Officer, Kiyotaka Aya at the Ceremony“Our efforts to nurture seafarers in the Philippines began with the establishment of “K” Line Maritime Training Corporation (KMTC) in 1993. In February 2008, KMTC subsequently transferred its maritime training facility in Manila to a new location of “K” Line Maritime Academy Philippines (KLMA(Phil)) in the city of Pasay.  As one of the major pillars to support our company’s business foundation, ‘safe ship operation and environmental conservation’, we have been and will continue striving to secure and nurture excellent seafarers,” the company said.On March 2 this year, a new building “OCEAN BREEZE,” with a seafarers’ clinic that has the latest medical equipment and lodging facilities that can accommodate 225 people, opened adjacent to the training center.Also, on July 31, the renovation work of the training center itself with the most advanced training equipment was completed and we have achieved the capability to now accept a total of 10,000 students per year.“K” Line will celebrate its 100th Anniversary next year.  “In the future, we will continue to develop and train stable and well-qualified seafarers for the next 100 years by constantly developing an even higher level of quality trainings in line with the times, always aiming to further strengthen our company’s safe operations,” the company added.Sea News, October 23 Author: Baibhav Mishralast_img read more

Anokiwave Introduces X-band Silicon Radar Quad Core IC

first_imgAnokiwave is a company that provides highly integrated core IC solutions for mmW and AESA markets. They have introduced the first in a family of X-band Silicon Radar Quad Core IC solutions for commercial radar and 5G communications markets. The AWS-0103 supports 4 radiating elements with dual beam Rx, single beam Tx, and includes 6-bit phase and 6-bit gain control. The part provides high input linearity in Rx mode and is intended to be used with a GaAs or GaN front end. Additional features include gain compensation over temperature, temperature reporting, forward power telemetry with programmable delay power sampling, and fast beam switching using on-chip beam weight storage registers that can be accessed via direct address lines. Silicon technology enables very high integration of functionality thus enabling planar antenna design at X-band with reduced system size, weight, and cost.The Anokiwave AWS-0103 is a highly integrated TDD (time-division duplex) transmit-receive chip in a commercial QFNstyle surface mount plastic package with dimensions of 7mm x 7mm x 0.9mm, easily fitting within the typical 15mm lattice spacing at 10 GHz. The IC is controlled though a 5-wire serial to parallel interface (SPI) bus.Availability:Anokiwave offers innovator kits and evaluation kits to customers for early access to the technology. The kits include boards with the AWS-0103 device, USB-SPI Interface module with drivers, and all required cables. Full production begins in January, 2016, with production-ready devices available June, 2016.last_img read more

Weekend Racing Schedule For July 28th-July 30th

first_imgFriday:Attica Raceway Park (Attica, Ohio) – FAST 410 Sprints/Ohio Sprint Car Series, FAST 305 Sprints and Attica/Oakshade LM SeriesLimaland Motorsports Park (Lima, Ohio) – $2,000 to win NRA Sprints, Modifieds and ThunderstocksLegendary Hilltop Speedway (Marietta, Ohio) – Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Mods, Street Stocks, 4-Cylinders and Mini WedgesMid-Ohio Sports Car Course (Lexington, Ohio) – Verizon INDYCAR PracticeRaceway 7 (Conneaut, Ohio) – $1,000 to win Econo-Mod Special and Regular ShowSandusky Speedway (Sandusky, Ohio) – ISMA Supermodifieds and ModifiedsSkyline Speedway (Stewart, Ohio) – Buckeye Late Model Dirt Week plus Modifieds, Sport Mods, 4-Cylinders and Mini WedgesToledo Speedway (Toledo, Ohio) – USAC Silver Crown Cars 100 laps and Thunder RoadstersSaturday:35 Raceway Park (Frankfort, Ohio) – Regular ShowAtomic Speedway (Waverly, Ohio) – Buckeye Late Model Dirt Week, Modifieds and Sport ModsBarberton Speedway (Norton, Ohio) – Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stocks, Legends and BandolerosBrushcreek Motorsports Complex (Peebles, Ohio) – $3,000 to win Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Mods and LegendsDeerfield Raceway (Deerfield, Ohio) – 9 DivisionsFremont Speedway (Fremont, Ohio) – 410 Sprints, 305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks and 602 Late ModelsHilltop Speedway (Millersburg, Ohio) – Regular ShowLegendary Hilltop Speedway (Marietta, Ohio) – Flat Karts and Mini WedgesMid-Ohio Sports Car Course (Lexington, Ohio) – Verizon INDYCAR Practice and QualificationsMidvale Speedway (Midvale, Ohio) – Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stocks, Compacts and Mini TrucksOakshade Raceway (Wauseon, Ohio) – Attica/Oakshade Late Model Series plus Full ShowPortsmouth Raceway Park (Portsmouth, Ohio) – OVSCA plus Modifieds, Limited Lates and Sport ModsSandusky Speedway (Sandusky, Ohio) – ISMA Supermodifieds and ModifiedsShadybowl Speedway (De Graff, Ohio) – Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stocks and Pure StocksSharon Speedway (Hartford, Ohio) – Big-Block Modifieds, RUSH Sportsman Modifieds, Econo Mods and Penn-Ohio Pro Stock SeriesWayne County Speedway (Orrville, Ohio) – OSCS Sprints plus Regular ShowWaynesfield Raceway Park (Waynesfield, Ohio) – Non-Wing Mini Sprints, Modifieds, Trucks and CompactsSunday:Kil-Kare Raceway (Xenia Ohio) – JEGS CRA Super Series 125 and Late Models, E-Mods, Street Stocks and CompactsLegendary Hilltop Speedway (Marietta, Ohio) – EnduroMid-Ohio Sports Car Course (Lexington, Ohio) – The Honda INDY 200 at Mid-Ohio*Schedules subject to changeShow To SeeThere are plenty of good options this weekend. We’ll start in Sandusky with the 40th Annual Hy-Miler Supermodified Nationals. The weekend starts Thursday with $1 general admission along with $1 beer, $1 Pepsi products and $1 hot dogs with race fans also getting to see 5 divisions of racing.Friday night features the first of back-to-back nights with the ISMA Supermodifieds and modifieds. The show Friday night will give fans a 40-lap supermodified feature while the modifieds will go 25-laps chasing $1,000 to win. Saturday night the ISMA main event is 100-laps, with the modifieds going 40 laps.The Verizon INDYCAR Series will invade the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course this weekend. Practice opens Friday with two sessions. Final practice and qualifications will take place Saturday with The Honda INDY 200 set to take the green flag Sunday at 3:40 p.m.This weekend also provides the final three races in the 3rd annual Buckeye Late Model Dirt week. Late model drivers will visit Moler Raceway Park Thursday, Skyline Speedway Friday and wrap things up Saturday night at Atomic Speedway.Brushcreek Motorsports Complex will also host a big late model race on Saturday night paying $3,000 to win.You can complete your weekend with a trip to Kil-Kare Raceway for the JEGS CRA show on Sunday.Get out and support your local short track. Related Topics Brian Deitzlast_img read more

Rains Prevent Repeat of Huge Peninsula Wildfires

first_img2015 was a much drier year; this summer there hasn’t been any extended dry periods, and hot days have been followed by rain. Last year there were nearly 5.1 million acres burned. FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享This time two years ago, KSRM was winding down our coverage of the 200,000 acre Funny River Fire; in 2015, Peninsula residents were recovering from the 9,000 acre Card Street Fire; this year, the grass is still damp and green. Tim Mowry with the AICC says despite a very dry Memorial Day Weekend, there have been no significant blazes, and firefighters have been able to respond quickly to the few fires which have been reported.center_img Statewide, only 139,000 acres have been burned this year, and the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center says we have the weather to thank.last_img read more

Japanese golfers fare well

first_img IN FIVE EASY PIECES WITH TAKE 5 GET THE BEST OF THE JAPAN TIMES “I was able to play well all four days. I intend to make this a stepping stone for a great comeback in my career,” said Shigeki Maruyama, who climbed from a tie for ninth after three rounds.Daisuke Maruyama had a 68 to finish at 15-under 273 in the 72-hole event at Atunyote Golf Club. John Rollins shot a final-round 64 to edge Bob May. center_img VERONA, N.Y. – Japanese golfer Shigeki Maruyama shot a bogey-free 7-under-par 65 in the final round of the B.C. Open to earn his season-best third-place finish Sunday, while Daisuke Maruyama was in a tie for sixth.Shigeki Maruyama eagled the par-5 fifth hole and scattered five birdies, including one at No. 18, where he rolled in a 13-footer, for a 17-under 271 total, two shots behind winner John Rollins of the United States.last_img read more

Missing Fisherman In Ugashik Bay Identified As Ninilchik Man

first_imgBock was last seen on his fishing vessel near Pilot Point, on July 26, at approximately 10:40pm, and at the time of the suspended search had believed to have fallen overboard. At 11:19 on July 27, Alaska State Troopers were advised that the U. S. Coast Guard had suspended search efforts for missing fisherman, Bock. Troopers reports stated him wearing dark-green rain gear and Xtra Tuff boots and was reportedly not wearing a life jacket. FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Alaska State Troopers have identified the fisherman who went missing last week in Ugashik Bay as Fredrick Bock, 57, of Ninilchik.center_img The Coast Guard was first notified that Bock, a crew member on the Lady Colleen, had gone overboard into the bay’s waters just after midnight on Thursday morning. The official search has been suspended but anyone with information on this incident is asked to call the Alaska State Troopers Dillingham Post at 1-866-742-5641.last_img read more